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At Four Corners Photography, we believe in documenting the little moments. It is in those moments that the bigger story of your life's adventure is told.

What you can expect before, during, and after your newborn session!

After booking, most clients ask me “how does the session work exactly?” The short answer is that my sessions are very much baby-led and every sessions is different based on baby’s temperament and what time they fall asleep. But you didn’t come here for the short answer, I want to talk you through #allthethings that go into and come out of a newborn session with me!

The night before your session might be chaotic…

I hate asking clients to do this, as I know you are so busy with your little one, but you should try to tidy your space before I arrive the next day! It makes our session go so much smoother and we have so many more options of sweet locations within your home if your rooms are tidy. I highly recommend hiring or asking someone to help with this if you are not able to. Plus, you will love the feeling of a clean and fresh home! You might also be up with your new baby ALL NIGHT, know that this is normal and just text me your coffee order in the morning so I can bring you some caffeine :).

There already is a plan for the morning of your session…

I ask that everyone follows these steps, but also to follow your baby’s rhythm. So if those steps don’t work for you, your baby, or your family, just do your best! While you are prepping baby the morning of your session, I am packing my car full of baby bean bags, sound machines, soft and clean blankets, coffee, skittles for siblings, and sometimes flowers if we’ve talked about incorporating them into your session ahead of time!

During your session…

As I mentioned above, I follow baby’s lead every time! If I arrive and baby is having a hard time, I will still try to start working at our designated start time, this might be images of you nursing or capturing dad playing with siblings. If there are siblings, I often spend a little bit of time before even getting my camera out playing with them so they can get used to me so I am able to draw out some of the playfulness of big brother/sister during our session!

I focus a lot of my attention during a session on the full family and individuals with mom and dad. I love sweet baby fingers and toes and definitely try to capture those sweet details of your little one, but priority in my approach is to get everyone in the frame as much as I can. Those are the images that are simply not possible to do yourself and in my opinion, babies are meant to be held, not laid down by themselves.

During your session, we will alternate different combinations of family members, likely incorporate some feedings and shushing, and possibly change outfits a few times. You should expect your session to last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, usually on the 2 hour side, and don’t worry if baby cries during this time, that is normal!

After your session…

I will work hard on editing your gallery and sending it to you within about 3-6 weeks! I often post some sneak peeks here and there, but please don’t email me asking for one photo of your session :). Everyone emails me asking for one photo and that adds up to me sending out sneak peeks and not finishing up galleries! Once you have the images in hand, I encourage you to print them right away. Don’t download and share on social media until you have done this. As soon as you get my email that your gallery is ready, order prints through the system and get them up on the walls! It only takes a few minutes to order through PASS and there is nothing more important when it comes to your images than printing them. Order prints for your walls, for family, for gifts, etc. and don’t add this to the to-do list because it likely won’t get done if you don’t do it now!

Once you’ve ordered prints, then I encourage you to share on social media with family and friends, create birth announcements and gifts! I love seeing what clients create, so feel free to send me pictures of your gallery walls and gifts, they make me so happy!