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So what is the maternity leave plan for this mama entrepreneur?

This week, I made the boys come out with me to take some maternity photos before baby girl is here in a few weeks. I am already starting the pregnant lady waddle in this last month and wanted to make sure we captured this season together as a family before we become a family of four! It kind of was a comedy of errors leading up to the session, we decided last minute Tuesday morning that we all had time that night (usually I’m out shooting or my husband has a meeting). So then I accidentally ironed a gaping hole into my dress and I went to put on makeup and looked over to see Gabe drawing all over himself with Sharpie. When clients ask me how I get myself and my little one ready for a session, I always tell them I am human and it’s the same as them. We all do our best and sometimes the only thing we can do is just hope for miracles! I will say these tripod selfies were a bit hard this time, I couldn’t figure out how to set up the camera or really do much at all, I blame it on the pregnancy brain, but I still love that we got a chance to capture a few images together!

Now to the question that I am asked at least once a day: “are you taking maternity leave?” So, I will tell you that as an entrepreneur and a mom, there is no simple answer to this question. It is definitely already challenging working as an entrepreneur and being home with Gabe after 1:30 PM each day. I am the type of person that just loves to work, I am a driven businesswoman but even more so since I am in an industry that I am passionate about.

But our schedule is pretty stretched and we have to make very sure that our calendars are synced and we talk often about any changes or upcoming events at least three times. With an already stretched calendar, I am taking some time away, but I’ve also made the decision to not take a full maternity leave. I have also tried to plan ahead for us financially so I could still draw a paycheck during my time off to get to know our new little nugget, planning for finances and welcoming a new baby is no small task! I am shooting some in December, January, February and March and while I am only accepting a limited amount of weddings next year, but basically I will still be working! Of course if anything happens and I or baby needs more rest time, I will take it, but I’m excited to slowly get back into a groove over 4 months with some shooting here and there to keep my creative juices flowing. I am also looking forward to get ready for sessions by making myself take a shower, maybe drive through that Starbucks drive through without screaming in the backseat, and function on a little bit on normal as it will be anything but normal as we transition to life with a newborn!

I have heard lots of opinions on my decision to keep working up until baby is here and continuing to work after just a few weeks after she’s born, but I want you to know that we are all very happy with my choice to keep my entrepreneurial heart happy while we welcome baby girl into our family. Have any questions about this decision? I’d love to answer them! Make sure to comment below your questions or encouragement as we are in the home stretch of meeting baby!