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Thinking outside of the home for your newborn session - Downtown Atlanta Newborn Session

After baby, things can be a little crazy at home…sleepless nights, messes and laundry all over the place, takeout boxes from one end of the counter to the other. If this doesn’t sound like you, that’s cool (I’m jealous), but I will admit that my house was a bit of a shamble the weeks after our first was born and let’s be honest, it is still sheer chaos sometimes. Paige had a vision for this session, it’s not because her house is a mess like mine, but I just want you to know that if having your newborn session in your home is stressful to you or if you just want something different, there are options! There is always my home studio, but we could also plan for a session somewhere rad like this downtown Atlanta newborn session. Other ideas for your newborn session could be: a walk or picnic in the park together, shopping at the local farmer’s market, going out for coffee, exploring a new or favorite part of town, etc. I am always down for an adventure and would love to capture your new addition in a way as unique as you!

With that, let’s all welcome baby Casey and take a peek at his downtown Atlanta newborn session. This little guy is going to grow up to be one cool dude!

downtown atlanta newborn.jpg
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