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What to wear to your family session!

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When planning for a family session, figuring out what to wear can be last on the list. Here are a few tips to help make planning what to wear effortless and beautiful! When I first begin planning what I am going to wear for our own family sessions, I always start with myself. I find it hard to be in front of the camera sometimes and if I feel confident in what I'm wearing, I always feel more comfortable in front of the camera. If mama's happy, everyone's happy, right? After I find something to wear (which always takes longer than it should), then I start building all of the other outfits within a color palette. As I do that, I keep these three things in mind and there ya go! 

1) Be yourselves. - I want all of my portraits to be effortless and timeless, so you will see a lot of neutrals on my Pinterest page. However, at the end of the day, I want you to be comfortable, be yourselves, and have a great time!

2) Layers and textures are key. - Think lots of different layers and textures, not necessarily different colors or patterns, but it can be. These layers add depth and interesting aspects to images that I love! The more the better!

3) Don't match perfectly. - When it comes to choosing colors, don’t select one or two, I recommend selecting an entire palette of color (at least 4-5 colors). Palettes help bring together the images in a beautiful way, but also make the individuals stand out as the unique individuals that they are!

I just love the outfits that the Hall family chose for their family session this fall, so what better session to share with you on what to wear! Just look at these cuties!

What to wear to your family session.jpg