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The only three things you need in your home for a beautiful newborn session!

One of the first questions that newborn clients ask after they discover that I will be coming to their home for their newborn session is: "how do I know if my home is good enough for a session?" That is an excellent question and you know what, I have asked myself the same thing about my own home! But, there are actually only three things that you need in your home for a beautiful newborn session and you more than likely have them!

1. A good source of light.

I am a natural light photographer, so having lots of light is important for my work! This can be hard to know whether or not you have good light in your home, but in most cases, all that is needed for good light is one or more standard (of course, the larger the better) windows! Though style can be important, light is far superior to decor in my line of work, so if you have a room that gets lots of light during the day, that will most likely be the room we spend a good amount of time in. For a few days, pay attention to when the light is brightest in that room or if you have a particular room you want to document pay attention to the light in that room and that is the time we should likely schedule your session. If you tidy any room before our session, which it's completely fine if you don't, I understand newborns are a bit of work, then this is the room to clean! I have been known to open front doors to bring in a little more light as well, so we can always find some solution.

2. A place to sit/ lay down.

A simple bed or chair will work beautifully for baby, sibling, mommy & me, daddy & me, and even full family shots. I have done almost entire newborn sessions on a bed and they are just stunning! I gravitate towards neutral bedding to minimize colors reflecting on skin in negative ways and I'm happy to provide linens if you need them as well.

3. A place to stand.

With wall space often being covered in electronics or lighting fixtures, this is actually a little bit harder than you might think. Your home doesn't have to be all neutral or white walls (though it's definitely great if you do), for example, this wall we used in the nursery is covered in floral wallpaper. I do have to admit we moved the crib to get access to this wall, but it was so worth it, especially since so much time and energy goes into choosing paint colors/ wall paper to decorate your home. So we just need one clean space to stand with minimal wall fixtures and electronics and that's it! Art and decor is fine though, it's just the technology stuff that I like to avoid in my images!

Most of my clients have these three things in their homes, but if not, there is always my studio, which has all three of them! I hope this helps ease your mind about whether or not your home is newborn session ready and as always, I am happy to help style or answer questions at any time about your space! Now, check out this post to see if you can spot the three things I mentioned here...and isn't baby Lily the sweetest?

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