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At Four Corners Photography, we believe in documenting the little moments. It is in those moments that the bigger story of your life's adventure is told.

My first fashion shoot was a disaster, in all the best ways.

When Tiffany Broxton of Vanilla Hue asked me to capture images of her designs for her portfolio to SCAD, I was thrilled to try something new! Well, a few days leading up to the shoot, I realized my studio wasn't going to be I scrambled finding a new space, which we found at the Goat Farm. Then, my backdrop stand broke, so I had to pick up a new one quickly. No big deal though, I am pretty last minute in general and these are things that kind of just happen in the photography world, so I wasn't concerned.

But then, day of the shoot, our original model was no where to be found. It turns out she thought the shoot was on the following day, oops! So in a minor frenzy, I called as many industry friends as I could, posted in groups, and prayed for a miracle. After making some calls, our miracles came in the form of a tiny, spunky blonde named Kate and a tall, fierce brunette named Amanda. I was just blown away by not only the fact that they were perfect for the vision of the shoot, but they were the sweetest, most adorable people. Kate was like a little fairy, frolicking around the set, bringing joy and life into every movement. Amanda was like a modern princess, strong and full of such confidence!

It was a complete honor to photograph Tiffany's delicate and thoughtful, I truly wish her the best as she embarks on this journey into education. Her designs were inspired by the feeling she felt and still feels when she used to hear airplanes fly over her childhood home. Yea, that's right, Tiffany designed clothing based on sound!

But despite all of the things that could have gone wrong, this entire shoot was absolutely as it was meant to be and it was perfect!

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