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At Four Corners Photography, we believe in documenting the little moments. It is in those moments that the bigger story of your life's adventure is told.

Why I Almost Gave Up on Shooting Film - Maternity Session on Film at Athens Founder's Garden

I brought a few rolls of film to Athens, GA and got the opportunity to meet Anna and Daniel at the Founders Garden to capture this season of maternity for them before they met their sweet baby Arthur! It was a pretty dark day and I was super nervous because the Shacklefords are pretty amazing film photographers, but I did okay despite the sun being a little tricky! These are some of my favorite maternity images of 2017 and am so excited to share them with you, especially since they are all shot on my Contax 645 on medium format film <3!

But a few months before this session, I almost sold all of my film, cameras included.

I was so frustrated with trying to shoot film and digital and could not for the life of me match the colors of each different medium when delivering client images. I couldn't seem to get focus right and the light was never what I intended it to be. I am a self taught digital photographer and was getting so frustrated with film, annoyed with myself for not being able to master it quickly, and unsure if I was doing a good or a bad job. I kept seeing other film photographers work, who have been doing it for years, and deciding I was a failure and should quit shooting film.

So I put down the camera, decided not to shoot film at all and planned to give it up entirely. But after a few weeks, I missed the feeling of loading film and the practice of waiting for film scans to come back. Slowly, I started picking up the camera again and shooting without worrying about the results too much and without comparing what I was doing to others. Over time, I started falling in love with the medium again and getting away from those feelings of doubt and comparison in such a healthy way. Since picking up the camera again, shooting film has become something deeply personal and introspective for me, it helps me become more invested in the moments in front of me and is so stress free. I am able to just shoot a roll or two and then send it off without fussing over what I see on the back of my camera. I'm so glad that I took that break to really come back to the root of why I fell in love with film in the first place and happy to have gotten to capture Anna & Daniel as they waited for their sweet boy Arthur!

Are you frustrated and thinking about giving up on something that you love? Maybe you should put it aside for a while, that way when you return to it, you are energized with a new perspective so that you can come back to the elements that really matter to you!