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How to Avoid a Sunflower Mini Session Almost Disaster

I’m not going to lie, we worked HARD for these images. The sunflower farm this year was absolutely packed, there were more people than sunflowers, and it was hard to fight for space amongst the prettiest blooms that hadn’t been picked over yet. I am not one to sugar coat things, so I am just wanting to be honest with you, my dedicated readers and with future clients. We will not be back next year to this same location for sunflower minis, we have another farm that has graciously allowed us to come next year and they don’t usually allow photographers, so we will be in a more quiet space.

But this is not the first time I’ve been faced with obstacles like this and I wanted to share with you how to overcome it in the moment if you are a client in this situation. Photographers, just email me and we will chat together about your specific case and how I can help.

So, clients, if you roll up to your session and are immediately overwhelmed by any of these things: no parking, lots of people, chaos and confusion…take a deep breath. And right now, I want you to stop what you are doing and scroll through these images before I tell you anything else. You can scroll to the bottom to keep reading more:

What did you see? I see a happy, beautiful family, enjoying a sunflower field mostly alone. So if you come to a session and are immediately overwhelmed, know that I have done this before and I will do my best to make the most of our time together. So, how to avoid freaking out a little bit:

  1. Take a deep breath and eat a snack, getting a small boost of energy can help calm nerves.

  2. Declutter what you are bringing with you, having a bunch of stuff can add to an already stressful situation. I usually tell my clients to bring very little to the session, but if you have a big bag, I recommend ditching it so you can be hands free and focused during the session.

  3. Try to keep upbeat and positive with the kiddos, if they read stress from you, they will start to show some signs of distress as well, so try your best to keep it playful and fun!

  4. Don’t focus on the people or chaos around us, and enjoy making memories with your family as if you are the only ones there.

I hope these tips are helpful if you find yourself in a situation like we did this year, remember, don’t worry and just trust me!

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