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Do I need a second shooter at my wedding?

Let me first say that 50% of my clients don't opt to have a second shooter. I work really well with an assistant rather than a second shooter and my clients trust me entirely to capture their day as the only shooter. Whether or not you have a second shooter matters less than choosing a photographer you love and trust, but this is still a big question and I want to help you out!

There is a lot to think about when planning a wedding, and the question of whether or not you should have a second shooter at your wedding SHOULD not make it to your list of things you need to worry about. There are lots of factors when deciding if a second shooter is something you need at your wedding, but if you are stressed at all about wedding planning, ask yourself this one question and move on. Save your sanity and just think about this:

Are there things happening at the same time that you want captured on your wedding day?

If you are getting ready in two different locations, cocktail hour is happening at the same time as a room flip or your portraits...those are just two examples of instances you might consider happening at the same time. Just like every one else, I am physically incapable of being at two places in once, so just for logistics sake, you should have a second shooter. My packages are atypical in that you can add a second shooter for just an hour or two instead of the whole day if you find that is what works best for you. Okay, so if you have two things going on at once and you can't live without coverage of both, your decision is made!

BUT if you have more time to invest in making this decision, here are a few other tips for you and more about my thoughts on the popular second shooter subject! Of course my three factors are alliterations, I couldn't help it :)

  1. PERSPECTIVE : Second shooters provide not only another camera, but a completely new perspective. Everyone has a different eye, so second shooters often bring their own creativity and unique perspective to the day. They can also be physically in a different spot during the same event, sometimes capturing completely different angles of the same event! I like to hire second shooters that I can trust entirely so that they can have the creative freedom to lean into their own perspective, providing clients with a variety of images from the wedding day!
  2. PRICE: Budget is often something that you need consider when planning your wedding. The fact is that second shooters cost more, your lead photographer will need to pay for their time, travel/lodging, images, etc. as well as incorporate the images into your wedding gallery. If your budget allows for a second shooter, then there you go! If you need a bit more room in your budget for other things, that is okay too! Just know that second shooters do have a cost associated with them! Unless explicitly stated by your photographer, it is best not assume all wedding collections come with a second shooter :).
  3. PARTNERS: You are planning a wedding to marry the one you love, partners in everything. Well, on a wedding day, lead and second shooters become partners too. There is a fun little dynamic that happens where we read each other, solve problems together, share batteries when someone's dies without notice, bring each other water and snacks so we keep our energy levels up, carry heirlooms to where they need to go so one person can keep shooting, style the wedding gown so the train shows off beautifully, those are just a few ways that we become partners in capturing the wedding day. 

If you have more questions or want to know more, please reach out here. I'm happy to chat more with you about all of your second shooter questions!

With that, here are some shots when I was lucky enough to second shoot with Kiyah Crittendon at Nadia and Pierce's wedding at 500 Trackside! I love second shooting, it really is so much fun!!