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My big brother is married!! - Corinthia and James - Downtown Perry Engagement Session

I had this whole Corinthia and James engagement session post scheduled to go up today...but then around 10 AM, my brother calls me and says, "Corinthia and I are getting married today, can you come?" So I dropped everything, rushed around, stopped to pick up champagne, got the boys dressed, and headed to the courthouse nervous and all emotional. Words can't really express how happy I am that these two found each other and that I can call Corinthia my new sister. She really makes my big brother the happiest man on earth and that is all I ever wanted for him. James taught me about independence, how to put others before myself, and to always be true to who I am. He is my big brother and now he's married to the most wonderful woman I could have imagined for him! Congrats to Corinthia and James, may your home be full of love and cats for all of your days!