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Why Spring family sessions are my favorite!

I love all of my family sessions equally, but I have to admit that Spring is one of my favorite seasons to photograph families. Fall family sessions for holiday cards are important and those are a blast, but to me, Spring is always better and there are two reasons:

Reason 1: The holiday card pressure is off!! 

No matter how much you might try, when you have a perfect holiday card in your mind, there will be a little pressure during your session to achieve that look. Spring allows you to have fun and be free to be with your family in a way that removes that perfect holiday card ideal. Family sessions can be challenging enough...getting everyone out the door without a meltdown, making sure kids don't fall or hurt themselves, trying to keep everyone in order (including yourself) the added stress of a card can make it even more difficult to relax during a session. I truly encourage you to try a Spring session with your family so that you can just enjoy it without having to think about that holiday card!

Reason 2: Give me the good light!

The soft/ glowy light of spring is like nothing else throughout the year and it is my absolute favorite to work with. It radiates romance and gives a soft light that makes images feel timeless. However, in exchange for that good light, we often get a lot of rain! This year alone, I have had to move more sessions than every previous year combined due to weather. The session I'm sharing on the blog today is a makeup day as well because it poured on the original session date. Just look at this glowing, soft light though and you will understand why it's worth being a little bit more flexible in this season to wait for that good light!

I hope either this or next year you will try out a spring/ early summer family session rather than waiting for holiday card season. Trust me, it's definitely worth it!