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At Four Corners Photography, we believe in documenting the little moments. It is in those moments that the bigger story of your life's adventure is told.

Happy New Year - Four Corners Photography 2015 Goals

This year has seen such an outpouring of blessing for Four Corners. In June 2014, we made a big decision, to finally open our photography business (which had been a dream of ours for many years). We were nervous, unsure of what it would be like to open a business and definitely unsure of what it would be like to take pictures of people that we don't know! But we took the leap and are so happy that we did. 

And after a few short months, we have already grown more than we could have ever imagined. As photographers, we are so incredibly busy. We have portrait sessions nearly every weekend, put in countless hours after the baby goes to bed culling and editing images, and dedicate so much time to really trying to understand and get to know our clients. Despite all this effort and time, we really feel like we get so much more in return for what we do: 
    - we meet fantastic people, 
    - hold precious new babies, 
    - capture true joy and laughter, 
    - see the unseen, 
    - be the unseen (but produce something seen as a result), 
    - and just kick back (with camera ready to fire, of course) and watch the wonderful, wild, and mysterious world we all live in.

If you don't know this about us already, we are dreamers, so it is our opinion that we have so much more to offer, learn, and grow in this upcoming year. We came up with a short list of our goals for 2015 and to be totally transparent with our followers, we want to share them with you:
    - Online Presence - We want to reach our goal of over 1500 Facebook likes by the end of 2015. In just 7 months, we are almost halfway there and know we will be able to reach this goal. You can help us get there by liking and sharing our page if you haven't already!
    - Client Investment - We truly love our clients and hope they feel the same way too. Our goal this year is to really focus on the dreams of our clients for their sessions and use our creativity to capture their moments in our unique portrait style. We also want to take out as many clients as possible for coffee. Not only is coffee one of our favorite food groups, but we also truly believe that a photograph is a relationship. It is the relationship between the photographer, the people, and the moment that make it not just a photo but something timeless. Ready for that cup of coffee? Click here to contact us today!
    - Document the Exceptional - This year, we strive to not only continue our portrait sessions, but expand into all realms of the exceptional: the 100th birthday, the adoption story, the survival story, and many other powerful moments. Life is not always about the posed portrait, but about the moments that make us unique, that make us stronger, and even make us cry. We seek to photograph and share real-life portraits of what it means to be human. Have a powerful story you want to share with us? Click here to get connected and begin telling your story today!
    - Four Corners Studios - After much thought, we are going to begin researching an investment into studio space. We are unsure of what that looks like for us as a business, but are excited to seek out a home for Four Corners Studios!

Thank you to all of our supporters and fans this year! See below for just a few highlights of 2014. We look forward to all the exciting things 2015 has in store for all of us! Cheers!