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How to Make a DIY Flower Crown in 7 Steps (for Less than $15) - Atlanta, GA Photographer

I love flower crowns, probably even more than your average boho babe. Maybe it's because I have memories of stealing flowers from the neighbor's yard, stringing them in my hair, and pretending I was a garden fairy. Okay, maybe those memories are from this past weekend...maybe not...I'll let you decide.

Either way, flower crowns are a celebration of love, femininity, and fertility around the globe, and I wanted in on that historical symbolism, especially for my Maternity Mini sessions. I wanted to adorn my expecting mamas with this symbol, dating back to ancient cultures, of beauty and abundance. I also really love making things, so I took a stab at flower crown making. Before I do anything new, I don't really look at Pinterest or tutorials (I'm the try to build it before reading instructions kind of gal). But, I do seem to ask the experts first. So for this, I consulted Maeghan of Bloomin' Bouquets and she gave me some awesome advice that I sort of followed, per usual. I was lazy (cheap) and didn't want to buy some of the things she said I should use, so I will recommend those things below in the details. Now, enough of me rambling, onto the real reason you are here: how to make a DIY flower crown (or 5) for $15. In all seriousness, these supplies made 5 flower crowns (toddler and adult) and I had some left over for two bouquets and one arrangement.
What You Need:
  • Variations of flowers, this is up to personal taste. I got a variety like this (these are definitely the technical terms for these blooms), pictured from L to R: long thin stem with little flowers, thin stemmed with lots of teeny tiny flowers, sturdy bloom with bigger flower, and thin but sturdy stem with big leaves. I got these from my local Farmers Market for $12.
  • Raffia (I used jute because I have a million yards of it)
  • Wire clippers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors (obviously I like to label mine, I chose the all-purpose for these bad boys)
  • Jewelry wire, I used a copper that I got on sale at Michael's for $3 and it has been around the house for more years than I care to admit

Time to complete: 0.5 - 1 hr each

Step 1: Measure your head
Measure the raffia/jute to about 2" longer than what would fit your head. If you are measuring for a toddler, think 2" smaller than your head, but not much (they have bigger heads than you think!!!)

Cut the raffia/jute to the length you measured (don't forget to add on the 2").

Alright, here is where you can do one of two things:
  1. Tie the raffia/ jute in a knot one inch in and work flowers around the circle. (This is the method pictured here.)
  2. Leave the raffia/jute in a straight line and tie it off at the very end. (This method was used on 3 of the 5 crowns and worked beautifully.)
Step 2: Start to weave the flowers around the raffia
Choose one of your stems that is sturdy and strong. This will be your base stem! If you want full flowers in the back of the crown as well, a few more of the other stems in your hand with the sturdy/ strong stem. If you want a simple back with less flowers, you can do this step later.

Weave this bunch into the raffia (think of it as wrapping the flowers in a coil with the raffia). Wrap the raffia around these stems twice.
Step 3: Weave all flowers around raffia
  • Continue to create bunches of flowers in your hand and wrap the raffia around them as you go. Don't wrap it too tight so you can add things later. If the crown is feeling loose, that is okay, just have patience and hold it gently.
  • Work your way around the crown doing this same method until you get back to the beginning. Note that if you have a particularly hard to work with or heavy crown, go to step 4 and start wire wrapping as you go for stability.
Step 4: Wire wrap for stability
If you have never worked with wire wrapping before, practice on something else before you get to this stage. If you're anything like me, you read the title, loved it, gathered your materials, saved this post for later and then began the instructions before reading through the whole post. That is okay, gently put the flower crown down and practice wire wrapping. Head on over to YouTube University to check out a tutorial on how to do this.

Begin making your flower crown a little more stable/ durable (perfect for those busy toddlers):
  • Cut wire to 1 inch (larger if you are making a thicker crown)
  • Wrap one time around the base of the crown plus another step. Try to keep the wire hidden by leaves/ flowers if you can! 
  • Tighten this wrap using your needle nose pliers and wrap two more times. 
  • Squeeze the three wires you have wrapped together and tuck them in under a leaf or stem.
  • Do this every 2-3 inches of the crown.
Step 5: Add some dimension
Start to weave in (think BRAID) more flowers into the crown. You can weave in larger flowers in the front for a fuller look too. Be patient here and don't be afraid to come back later if you get frustrated.
Step 6: Preserve the crown until you use it
Get a damp paper towel and wrap it around the back of the crown. Put the crown in the fridge or in a cool place until use! These crowns could last up to three days in the fridge, but they are best either same or next day!

You don't have to throw it out after use either. Hang the crown up in a cool, dry area of your house and let the flowers dry out. These dried flower crowns turn into beautiful wreaths as they dry out!
Step 7: Enjoy!!
Whether you are making this crown for fun, a photography project, or another neat thing, enjoy the beautiful thing you made with your hands!! Here are a few photos of how I used my flower crowns, but I'd love to see what you made! Tag me on Instagram @DIYtographer so I can see what you made!! This is a brand new account that I just made as I was writing this blog post, so I can't wait to see your flower crowns!!

Please comment below with any questions, pro tips, or feedback on your own flower crowns.

Happy Flower Crown Making!!!!