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Photography Gift Packaging - Atlanta, Georgia Photographer

I love the details, the personal, and the DIY. Put these things together, and you get a strong desire to provide something special and personal to my clients. So from now one, every client that books a full session or wedding will receive one of these handmade thank you gifts from us!

Here is what each thank you gift box includes (see images below for deets):

Our favorite 10 images in 4x6 prints from the session - We really want our clients to experience the lasting quality and aesthetic of bringing images out of their hard-drives and onto their walls. These 10 prints are to get them started at doing just that!

A handwritten thank you note  - I am a sucker for a thank you card and I really want my clients to know how much I truly appreciate them letting me be a part of their lives!

Coupons - We love repeat clients, so we have included "A Gift for You" in our thank you gifts. We also love referrals and wanted to do something special for those who have been referred to us. There is also "A Gift for A Friend" for our clients to give to someone they refer so they can enjoy a coupon too! 

More Info/ Print Release - There is now an official print release for clients to save and use when they get images printed. 

So excited to mail out our first three gift boxes on Monday and can't wait to make these for all of our full sessions!
Honestly, most of the time I think quotes are dumb and cheesy. But this gold striped packaging and perfectly cute square box just got me. I got this pack of random quotes from Target when I was actually shopping for socks for the baby. Isn't that always the way with Target? You can never leave with only what you came in for. I'm glad I picked these up, they are a perfect little addition to these gifts!
A shot of all of the goodies in the thank you gift!
Our preferred vendor for prints is always The quality and service is simply unbeatable.
I got my Thank You cards from Michael's, but you can also order them at The kraft paper bag for the coupons is hand-stamped with a stamp from my collection. Yes, I have a stamp collection :).
These gold foil coupons are actually business cards from Zazzle. I found them on my hunt for gold foil goodies, and adapted them for what I wanted.
I hunted for a very long time to find the right look I wanted for these info cards. I finally found what I was looking for in the most unexpected place! These cute cards are actually response cards from a wedding invitation kit I got from Michael's. Who knew??
Of course all the goodies are neatly tied and packaged together. I love unwrapping gifts, especially when they are in such pretty packaging! This string and tag actually came with the wedding invitation kit as well!
The gift is boxed in our favorite Kraft boxes from Paper Mart and finished off with a thick muslin/ glitter ribbon and jute twine.
Blog post by Natalie Jackson. Shot with Canon 50mm f1.2L.