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An Adoption Story - Atlanta, Georgia Newborn Photography

A Shared Dream
The adoption dream started for me at 16. Young pregnant women would join our family and home as they transitioned from homelessness to working motherhood.  During this time my parents along with these women taught me that love can overcome all hardships and that everyone deserves familial love. As I carried these life lessons with me into adulthood, I became enamored with the love and courage it takes to place a child for adoption and the type of love it takes to create family this way.  I grew a deep desire to adopt a child.  The same way many women long to become pregnant and have children, I longed for a baby who would be conceived in my heart. 

This deep desire to adopt and honor and birthmother's courage and love was matched when I found a man who mirrored the love of strangers that my parents taught me. After years of growing our partnership and readying ourselves for the adoption journey, we jumped in head first with open hearts and arms, waiting for our dreams to come true. 
I have had the privilege of knowing this couple for several years and now am blessed to be a part of their adoption story by photographing this incredible moment for this family. In order to truly share the story of how this family came together and their excitement about journey ahead, I asked the couple to guest write this blog post. When I asked them to write this, I could have never expected such authenticity and vulnerability in the telling of their story. This is a beautiful story to share in and learn more about what it means to open your heart and home to adoption, and I hope you are as blessed by their powerful words as I am:

The Process
As we completed our background checks, paper work, references and home study, we felt like we were stepping on to our very own yellow brick road to OZ. We were confident and excited!  Naturally, like most adoptive parents we were confident our wait would be short, because um, we're awesome!  Even so, we promised each other we would stay true to ourselves.  We would love every birthmother like she was ours and take each risk as if we were going to parent that child, because children deserve to be loved from the moment they come into being, and our families had taught us to love others with abandon. However, this process was neither short, nor smooth, nor simple. Our hearts swelled with each contact, and sank with each failed match. 
Waves in the Desert
It wasn't until the morning of the day our sweet boy was placed with us that I could find an analogy for our adoption journey. We were sitting in a desert and then drowning in a stormy ocean within minutes of each other. During the days, weeks, and months without contact with a birthmother we found ourselves dried and shriveled up. I imagined us sitting in the middle of a desert, looking at each other and then around each other into emptiness. There were few people in our daily life of who we could express the complexity of the emotions attached to the desire and journey. And then there would be a contact! And we would immediately drown in emotions, questions, what ifs, and excitement. The waves would calm for a few days and we could relax, letting the communication flow and find excitement in the unique situations. And then our minds would shift at the noted risks associated with the situations and we'd question everything, waves would crash over us and we'd start to drown. 
The Journey is Just Beginning
So how did we get here, to these beautiful pictures with our hearts overflowing with love and joy? We lived day to day and moment to moment. We continued on with our lives as a couple without children, and planned trips to Spain and moves to CA. We said if this one doesn't work out, we'll do this! And at the same time we loved hard, and unconditionally, with each contact. We can honestly say we love each of the birth mothers we talked to, we pray for them, and had worked them into our future family plans.  Once our boy dropped into our lives, we did an about-face with everything and immediately converted our routine to that of a couple with a child.  That transition has been amazing, but also a huge shock to the system!  While we were hoping and praying for a baby for so long, we did not have the advantage of a nine-month preparation period.  Clearly, our adoption journey is not over!

Our journey has been beautiful, the messy, dirty, crazy beautiful. Open adoption is so special and although we have our gorgeous boy, we will continue to live in the desert times and drown in the ocean as our boy grows and learns who he is.  We are hopeful that we will be enough for him, as he is more than we could ever have imagined.  We could not love anyone or anything with the depth of feeling and complete commitment that we love our son.  Our son.  Somehow saying that sounds strange and perfectly normal at the same time.

We will pray endlessly for his birthmother and hope for amazing things for her and her children. She is an amazing woman who we will forever be grateful for as we watch this sweet boy grow.
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Blog post by Natalie Jackson and this baby's loving parents. Shot with Canon 50mm f1.2L.