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At Four Corners Photography, we believe in documenting the little moments. It is in those moments that the bigger story of your life's adventure is told.

 A Springtime Maternity Session - Atlanta, Georgia Maternity Photographer

She's from Sweden. He's from France. And throughout the entire session, believe it or not... I never once asked how they met! I chatted about their jobs (how boring) and other things (probably movies or something). Days later and I am still so curious about the mystery of how they met! I quite like the mystery though, and you can just tell from these photographs that however they met, there was probably a lot of laughter. So for now, I will just hold that question for another time and enjoy these beautiful captures of this special season of their life.

I really wanted to capture the blooming trees and flowers of Spring for this session. Spring is a season of renewal and expectation of the year to come, so I thought it was the perfect setting for two expecting parents. For weeks, I hunted, scoured the Decatur area for the perfect blooms. At the end of my search was an intimate, refreshing, and surprisingly secluded garden in Decatur.
The Woodland Gardens is actually very close to my house and I drive past it almost every day, but have never gone in. The natural beauty of the grounds, coupled with this beautiful moment of celebrating hope and what is to come for these two as they open their home to a new baby, made for stunning imagery.

I am so excited for these two as they bring their child into the world! I see lots of laughter in this sweet baby's future!