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3 Things I Learned About Real Family Photography - Brown Family Portrait Session - Atlanta, Georgia Family Photographer

I'm going to be completely honest here. Family portrait sessions used to be one of my biggest challenges. It's just downright impossible at times to get all the faces looking at the camera (especially without blinks). I know everybody blinks, but just hold them until after the photo session okay? It'll only last an hour :). Truly, I used to beat myself up for not having images of everyone looking at the camera with big "can't you tell we love each other so much" grins.

Then, once I became a mom, something clicked for me. Photographing a family is never about everyone looking at the camera, putting on a good "cheese," so they can have something to send out on a Christmas card. Let me go off on a tangent about Christmas cards...I love Christmas cards, probably more than I should (and I absolutely LOVE when clients send me their cards), but I want them to be real. Those cards have to be more than just a seasonal check off of the to-do list. I desire my client's Christmas cards to be invitations into the celebration, the eccentricity, and the reality of what family really means. 
So as I began to really question this family photography thing, delve into what it's like to capture lifelong images of moms and dads, brothers and sisters, grandmas and grandpas, I thought more about what I would want memories of my own growing family to look like. When I close my eyes and try to conjure up what images I would like to look back on 10,20, and 30 years from now, I can't really picture anything. All I know is that I desperately want to remember the connection I have with my loving husband, the way my baby boy looks at me when he discovers something new, and the fascination and pride my husband and I both have when we look at the tiny human we created together. 

Reflecting on my own family memories and images of us together shed a new light on what really mattered to my family clients. There is something authentic, something tangible that happens when you're surrounded by the people you love, connecting with them, and sharing in real experiences together. And it is my goal to tap into that authenticity and photograph that.
So when I asked myself what it looks like to have these real, authentic family experiences. I came up with three things:
     1. It has to be unique: Parks are beautiful, but not every family loves to go to the park. Your family may love to go on bike rides, make s'mores, or look up at the stars at night. In order to encourage natural, real moments, I ask
my family clients to think about things that they like to do together as a family and center the session around that! 

     2. It's about having a real connection: In order to naturally capture what makes your family special, I have to have a real relationship with my clients. I love following my clients on social media, meeting for coffee to get to know each other, and chatting about interests with my clients. I want my families to be completely comfortable with me so that during our session, it's not about me capturing great images, but about us having a great time together.
     3. It's about mutual inspiration: The final images are a result of not just the photographer's skill, they are the it s the photographer and family working together that creates amazing images. I am always inspired by the environment itself and the dynamics between family members, but true creativity comes when we discover inspiration together! 
So by putting these three things into practice, I hope to make authentic family portraits that portray real experiences, real moments, and real joy.

To show you what I mean, here is a recent family session with the Browns that I have absolutely fallen in love with!! I think these images really capture their fun personalities, love for their growing baby boy, and excitement for the adventures that await them! These are the photographs I want to create all the time: real family portraits.