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Sidney + Trey - Downtown Decatur Maternity Session - Atlanta, Georgia Maternity Photography

When I was pregnant, there were days (and nights) when I could barely hoist myself out of a chair or out of bed without a good push from my husband. There weren't many cravings, but I probably ate enough Chic-Fil-A and drank enough sweet tea for two lifetimes. There were awkward moments, like the times on the MARTA, when I wasn't 100% aware of just how large my belly was and I would brush up against or accidentally rest my protruding baby bump on random strangers. 

Despite all of those different experiences though, pregnancy is a truly amazing thing. There is this incredible miracle of a person who you are so eager to meet and who you carry with you everywhere for 9 whole months! And I truly love getting to celebrate this miracle with expecting couples, because it is so temporary (even though it may not feel that way at the time.)

So let me introduce you to Sidney and Trey, two excited parents who can't wait to meet their baby in June! Their maternity session was in the beautiful downtown Decatur, so we got to pull in a lot of creative backgrounds to accent their funky cool personalities. We met an hour before sunset, so we really got some beautiful light to bring some happy, warm, and intimate tones to the photographs.  

One of my favorite things was getting to watch Sidney looking down at her belly, not really sure what to expect, but excitedly expecting all the same. She was absolutely glowing!

And each time Trey would snuggle with his sweet wife or look down at her baby belly, my heart would melt. I love these two, soon to be three people, and am thrilled to be able to celebrate with them by capturing this really incredible time as they grow their family!


Blog post by Natalie Jackson. Shot with Canon 50mm f1.2L.