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At Four Corners Photography, we believe in documenting the little moments. It is in those moments that the bigger story of your life's adventure is told.

Sweet Baby Mila - Atlanta, Georgia Newborn Photography

I'm writing this blog post on my commute home. My toddler is in the back seat, wanting the usual: everything and nothing at the same time. So there are screams and tears and I am reminded that it is madness, living life with a young toddler. It is a life of way too much coffee, more messes than I really have time to clean, and even more overwhelming love than my heart can sometimes handle. For me, that love came the moment I saw my sweet boy. Sometimes it is hard to remember, when there are just too many dirty diapers and dishes and tears, that incredible miracle of life and love that is my child. But when I look at photographs of his sweetness, especially from those first few months when we were just getting to know him, I am reminded of all of those good things.

That is why newborn sessions are so near and dear to my heart. Not only does it bring me back to those wonderful (although exhausting) first memories, but it gives me the opportunity to provide photographs of these memories to new families. These are images that parents can look back on when times are good (because who doesn't enjoy showing off photos of a sweet baby), but also when times are harder than we expected (because it's important to be reminded of how far you've come).

Words can hardly describe how in love I am with these images from my newborn session with Mila. When I visited them in the hospital only days after she was born, these two parents were just glowing with joy over their precious girl! So I brought along yellow roses, lace, and fabrics to compliment and capture that happiness. The bright and sunny yellows, their naturally beautiful home and backyard, and their absolute delight over Mila made this session everything I could ever dream of a newborn session to be. I hope that the parents can look back on these images with pride, love, and delight whether it's in the good times or whether it's just been a long car ride home and they need a little reminder.