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Tips for and Awesome Portrait Session - Atlanta, Georgia Portrait Photography

When Abbie asked me to do her headshots, I was so excited to not only hang out with her for a bit, but also get to capture that beautiful smile of hers. Abbie is an incredible artist with such a genuine spirit! I loved walking around Downtown Decatur with her and her gorgeous smile and then we sat down for a drink  and good conversation at the amazing Leon's Full Service

I think blogging about her session is also a really great opportunity to talk a little bit about portrait photography and give you a few tips to making your portrait session a success!! Let's start off with the basics. 

So what exactly is portrait photography? Portrait photography (or portraiture) is photography of an individual or group of people that seeks to capture the personality, mood, and essence of the person or group being photographed. I think the photo below is a perfect example of what I strive for; this image absolutely captures the essence of Abbie: the smile, the genuine pose, the warmth of the photo, all play a part of making this portrait say "This is Abbie."
What should you expect during a portrait session? My goal is to create a comfortable, relaxed space so that the resulting images from our session portray the wonderfully unique personality of the individual in the photograph. I love the quirky, the serious, the joker, and the timid all equally. Whoever you are, I will meet you there and make the unique things about you shine through.

One of the best tips I can give is to follow the photographer's direction, even if it sounds a little silly. Photographers often know the best posing and composition for portraits to show off your features and seek to really showcase the person in the images in the best possible way. 

You should also expect to let your guard down a little during our session. Your portrait session should be relaxing and fun, so I can really get to know you and truly capture an image that says who you are.
What to wear for a portrait session? Clothing is a form of expression and the clothes that you pick to wear will reflect your personality in the final images. My best piece of advise when choosing clothing is to think simply. 
  • I recommend solid colors or simple patterns.
  • Wear a little makeup! I don't wear makeup regularly, I honestly hate it. However, for photographs, a little can really go a long way!
  • Wear accessories! Abbie's outfits in these images are perfect, the subtle accent of the teal necklace and the red belt in her second outfit really show off her bold and creative personality.