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Summer Mini Session with Elena- Atlanta, Georgia Family Photography

This is my second year doing lemonade stand themed summer mini sessions and I just love them! It really brings me back to selling lemonade at the end of my driveway, my primary customers being my parents, but it didn't matter. The lemonade stand brings back a feeling of nostalgia that I just really love!  

This is Elena, one of the adorable kiddos that came out to one of our mini sessions! Her joyful energy and genuine silliness is too much to keep to myself. I love everything about these photos and couldn't wait to share them!!

In case you are looking to set up something similar next summer, it really is quite simple! 
  • Lemonade Stand: Just get two crates from Michael's, sand the rough edges, and stain them with a darker stain. You should put something heavy behind them to hold them down, as children like to knock them over. Drape a doily or piece of cloth over the top to draw the eye up towards the stand in the image. I found the mason jar pitcher at TJMaxx, filled it with my favorite lemonade (Crystal-Lite). The milk bottles were a fabulous $1 find at Michaels and they carry them pretty regularly in the store! I used a wire fruit basket I found from Goodwill to show off the pretty yellow of some fresh lemons!
  • Signage: Cut and sand a pallet board. I used Martha Stewart acrylic paint to hand paint the signs. 
  • Details: I love the details! I always slice a few lemons to put into the lemonade jars and pitcher as well as have fresh lemons around the stand. A great stool is also good to have on hand. Kids do well when they have a specific spot to sit!

Happy Lemonade Standing!