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Natural Maternity Posing 101 - Atlanta, Georgia Maternity Session

This year in my maternity photography journey, I have picked up some really great go-to poses that not only work for every body, but they also look gorgeous. Here are a few of my favorite poses to keep in your back pocket for your next maternity shoot. My goal here is natural, authentic posing that is flattering for mamas everywhere. I always ask moms and partners to touch or hold the belly just as they would at home, sometimes tweaking the hand position if I need to. This really gets natural images that capture the authenticity of each moment!

It's also important to note that for each pose you can pull back or get close to capture a variety of shots with the same pose! I use prime lenses, which means my lenses don't zoom, so I start up close and then run further back to capture this variety of zooms!
Belly Close-up
I always get a close up on the belly! I ask mom to put her hands on her belly as she would normally at home, get close, and the resulting image is not only highlighting her baby bump, but it's showing how she naturally holds her belly! This captures authenticity of the moment as well as that temporary bump growing a human!
Belly Profile
This is a must-have pose for maternity sessions. I ask mama to stand to the side, either looking off in the distance, looking over her shoulder at me, or looking down over her shoulder. This is a flattering way to capture her beautiful body and baby bump, but also get a natural pose that  
Mama Looking at Belly
This is a definite go to pose that can create an intimate sweet image celebrating motherhood, expectation, and love for the coming baby! It's important to note here that sometimes moms are swollen around the face (not that the mama here is, but I know I was), so they don't always have mom look directly at her belly. You can pick a point in the distance close by or pull some hair in front of her shoulder to add some depth and minimize the swollen areas!
Partner with Arms around Belly
This is a definite go-to for maternity sessions with partners. Note that you do not have to have people right on top of each other, just always have the partner standing a little bit further up to you than mom and ask them to get close. You can direct them to look at each other, at the belly, at the camera, close their eyes, ect. The important thing with this is to get some movement with the arms so the images aren't static. Life is about movement!! So direct the partner to touch mom's arm or hair or belly, but not stay in the same position the whole time!
Mom and Dad Snuggles
This is one of my favorite shots to grab of the expecting parents! I love the intimacy, sweetness, and flexibility of the pose. You can have mom and dad snuggling in ways that are comfortable and natural to them as well as mix it up! I have dad kiss mom on the forehead, look down at the belly, look at each other, and the list goes on! 

Blog post by Natalie Jackson. Shot with Canon 50mm f1.2L and Canon 24-70mm f2.8 II.