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Sculptures in Oakland Cemetery - Atlanta, Ga. Photography

My great uncle Benedict Cippolini was a sculptor. For most of his life, Benedict lived and worked in Carrara, Italy. Carrara, meaning "stone," lives up to its namesake and is surrounded by marble quarries, bustling with architects and artists, and full of people seeking the famous blueish-grey marble native to the area. I guess it is in my heritage, then, the love of all things carved in stone. I am absolutely captivated by the life man can bring to an otherwise lifeless thing, a stone. 

These shots were taken on a sweltering Sunday afternoon in the famous Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia. Even the statues seemed to sweat, which I guess means the artists completed their work of bringing life to the lifeless. An interesting parallel when the sculptures are used as headstones, as monuments to those no longer living. It's almost as if the statues stand to represent the life man can bring through the work of his hands and a testament to the life creativity can continue even when that man has passed.
Blog post by Natalie Jackson. Shot with a Canon 50 mm f1.2L.