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7 Tips to Photographing Triplet Newborns - Atlanta, Georgia Multiples Newborn Photography

First off, photographing triplet babies is exactly the same as capturing one baby, except you just need more hands and you need to be prepared for triple the snuggles and sweetness! 

But honestly, when I was preparing for this session, I could not find many resources on how to prepare for three babies. There is a lot of stuff out there for twins, but not triplets! So here is a quick list of things that I learned from this session as well as just general advice for photographing triplets! 

​TIP 1: Make sure you are healthy and be gentle. It is important to remember that triplets often come early, so they may spend some time in NICU. This being the case, you need to be aware of a few main things:
  1. You need to have all of your shots.While it is important to have all of your shots if you are a newborn photographer in general, it is especially important with high risk babies like multiples. I don't want to fight you on vaccines here, just know that in this job, safety is the number one priority for your babies!
  2. You need to "scrub in" when you first arrive. Take off your shoes, walk straight to the sink, and wash all the way up your arms with soap and hot water for at least two minutes. You can even bring a bag of clean clothes to change into when you first arrive (but before washing your hands.)
  3. Be aware of any sensitivities baby might have. Babies that have been in NICU might be more sensitive to touch or they may be on breathing monitors, so be extra gentle and pay attention to what is comfortable for baby.

TIP 2: Turn up the heat and keep babies fed/ happy. Just like standard newborn sessions, turn up the heat to at least 73, have pacifiers/bottles nearby, and use white noise if you can. Know that these babies are likely on a feeding schedule, so you need to look for signs of hunger (i.e. rooting), but since their tummies are probably full when you first get there, you also need to be on the look out for gas or burps. Watch your babies and if they seem unsettled, they probably are. It is worth getting them out of the pose for one second to burp them than for them to get upset!

TIP 3: Pose the wildcard baby first! I feel like two babies will be a breeze now :). We could always get two babies settled, but then there was always an unsettled baby, which I will call the "wildcard." Make sure to settle and pose the wildcard baby first, before bringing in calm siblings! Watch this wildcard baby with a closer eye and be gentle!

TIP 4: Have an assistant. It's so important to have an extra pair of hands! It is so important to have at least one assistant with you other than mom/dad! Don't forget about tip 1 when you are selecting your assistant(s), they need to be safe too since they will be handling the babies!!

TIP 5: Be patient. When you get all three of the little ones settled, the temptation might be to rush through shots. While it is important that you move quickly, that doesn't mean you move babies quickly. Be patient with their little bodies. If they are sleeping, this is the perfect time to slowly move their hands close together, wrap them in close. Don't forget they do still have the startle reflex, so follow their lead and don't force their movements, ease them into it!

TIP 6: Individual shots are important. Get individual shots while others are being fed/ soothed. These little ones are every bit as individual as they are siblings. It's so important to capture their little personalities individually and if you followed tip 4, you will have plenty of help to make this happen!!

TIP 7: Prepare the parents. ​Talk with parents beforehand and set expectations! I have a list of 5 things to do day-of a session that I give each of my clients to prepare. It is not a perfect list, the most important thing is to know your babies and know what works for them, but since I've been giving this list out, I've gotten all my babies to sleep for at least a portion of the session!

I hope these were helpful, now on to the real reason you are here: Gavin, Theo, and Rosalind!! With the help of many hands, we got these sweeties to sleep for 15 minutes and the cuteness is overwhelming. I continue to think of these babies as they grow stronger, healthier, and cuter by the day!

Added bonus: behind the scenes images at the bottom of the post!

Back together again.

Behind the Scenes.
And here are a few behind the scenes shots from this session, so you can get a peek into the many hands that helped soothe, hold, and settle these sweet babies!
Karen of K. Krueger Photography, holding a bottle and binky like a boss!
Blog post by Natalie Jackson. Shot with Sigma 35mm f1.4 and Canon 24-70mm f2.8L.