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Brit + Zach Family - Atlanta, Ga. Photography

Today is Brit's birthday! As her birthday present, all she is asking for is for Brit and Zach's family story to be shared, in hopes that they will someday soon find a birth mother match for an open adoption. 

We wanted to dedicate this post to both her and Zach in order to support their hopes and dreams for a growing family. It's difficult to be concise when talking about the energy, generosity, and love that is both expressed between and shared by this amazing couple. Brit and Zach truly view everyone around them as an extension of their family; the second you meet them you're hooked, and instantly you're a part of this family. We're sure they will foster this sort of embrace as they hold their new son or daughter someday soon.

Find out more about their story here. Make sure to like and share their Facebook page too!
Blog post by Natalie Jackson. Shot with Canon 50 mm f1.8.