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Avery's 1st Birthday Party - Atlanta, Ga. Infant Photography

As I mentioned in a  previous post, our niece just turned one! Her birthday was water fun themed, so there were lots of kiddie pools and sprinklers for kids to play with. Gabe sat in the kiddie pool for the most part. He only took a face-first plunge into the depths of the 1 foot pool once, but didn't seem to mind drinking the pool water. 

Here are just a couple shots of the festivities. I got a lot more photos, but picked out just a few of my favorites of the birthday girl to share with you. Avery is such a happy little princess, I am so excited for Gabe and Avery to be around the same age and grow up together! 

The 1st cupcake is always the sweetest (and makes for adorable photos), here's to many more sweet cupcakes for a sweet little girl!
Blog post by Natalie Jackson. Shot with Canon 50 mm f1.8.