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The Only Thing You Need for an Awesome Engagement Session- Atlanta, Georgia Engagement Photography

You know, the Beatles said it best: "All you need is love." Really and truly, I believe that is the only thing you need for an incredible engagement session. Your job is to be close to the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. My job, is to capture that closeness, sweetness, and joy that you share as you plan for your future together.

The reality can be that planning a wedding can be stressful, so it is not always easy to focus on that love during a busy season of planning and preparing for your wedding day! So, I do have a few tips to guide you into that space. These are definitely no-brainer tips, but having your portraits taken can feel intimidating! Simply reading these four tips and knowing that we are all awkward in front of the camera and we all need a little coaching, can give you the freedom you need to go from anxious to completely comfortable in a matter of minutes!  

​1) Relax: Before the session, it is so important to keep the day of the session relaxing! If you are nervous, cook some breakfast together, go for a walk, or read! Take the stress off of what to wear and be sure to have your clothing prepped the day (or week) before. (Here is a really great blog post from a photographer in DC who gives impeccable tips on what to wear; she describes it perfectly!) Dialing back the stress and just calming your nerves the day of the session will help you both focus on each other! If you drink alcohol, before our session is not a bad time to have a little glass of wine either.

2) Get close: Right before our scheduled session time, do something romantic or intimate together! Just find a way to get connected and focus on just each other throughout the session! I actually recommend that people have a short make out session in the car right before our session :). 

3) Focus on each other: Don’t worry too much about the poses or whether or not you have been behind the camera before. Our job is to photograph your love and your relationship. By focusing on each other, you will be the most comfortable and the resulting images will be more natural. After a fun session with us, we encourage couples to continue focusing on each other, which leads to number 4!

​4) Go out after the session: So the session is over and you are all dolled up! The session is a celebration of your love, so don’t let that end after we pack up the camera! We think of your engagement session as a date, so we encourage couples to keep the date going and go out afterwards!

I hope these were helpful!! Here is a little love from Alicia and Jack at Cator Woolford Gardens in Decatur, GA. Enjoy these beautiful images and remember...

Love is all you need.

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