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At Four Corners Photography, we believe in documenting the little moments. It is in those moments that the bigger story of your life's adventure is told.

Miss Bailey - Atlanta, Ga. Newborn Photography

I've started offering packages to expecting moms that include maternity and newborn sessions. The neat part for me about this is getting to spend some time with the family during the excited anticipation of the coming little one AND get a chance to meet the baby too! I don't know if you got a chance to see the Grant Park Maternity Session in the park I posted a while back, but this is the rest of the story (or really, the beginning of the story I suppose). Here are some of the shots from the newborn session with little Bailey. What a sweet sleepyhead! I am so in love with the squishiness of this baby girl! I hope you enjoy!
Blog post by Natalie Jackson. Shot with Canon 50mm f1.8.