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The Bayne's Baby Story - Atlanta, Georgia Newborn Photography

For this blog post, I asked Laura to share her story. I believe the images show the love that these sweet parents have for their sweet baby Kate, but there is so much more to them. You see, the road to getting to hold their little miracle in their arms was one of heartbreak and loss, but also of overwhelming hope and blessing. Here is their story, which they so graciously share, so that if you are experiencing a similar story, you might know that you are not alone.

​"As I wrap up the first month of 2016 I can’t help but remember how 2015 began. My husband, Josh, is a creative and always thinking of ways to dream together and be romantic. After a hard year he planned an easy, low key evening on New Year’s Eve to dream about 2015 (with personal moleskins to write everything down). I’ll never forget as we sat there talking about our hopes and dreams for the year my husband said, with the hope and positivity he lead our marriage with so well, “I hope we have a baby in 2015.”

Now to most people that may seem ambitious but not unimaginable (you only get a couple of opportunities before it’s a 2016 baby), but 2014 had been a year of heartbreak and loss and left me with the reality that maybe getting to carry one of our children wasn’t going to be my story
Josh and I both were excited by the idea of starting our family while we were young so after a year and half of marriage we decided we were ready to take a step in that direction. After a positive pregnancy test in June 2014 we were surprised and excited (and terrified- but excited). Unfortunately, I had some troubling signs and after several tests my doctor called me in for emergency surgery to figure out if I was having a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. The week leading up to that surgery was one of the most confusing weeks of my life- I learned I was expecting but then that it was no only not viable but it was also potentially fatal.
We spent months recovering physically and emotionally, but once we were given the all clear we knew we wanted to try again. Months passed until in October I received another positive pregnancy test. We were thrilled and the tests showed everything seemed to be fine. We had an ultrasound the day before Thanksgiving to make sure this pregnancy was not ectopic and while they didn’t see a heartbeat yet they confirmed it appeared normal. The next day with both sets of parents gathered round we announced our pregnancy with gifts of grandparent books. I couldn’t believe 12 hours later when I was in the emergency room being told that I had miscarried. I thought that we had been through the tough part, and we had kept our joy and hope- why was this happening again? 

A few weeks after my miscarriage was confirmed I had an exploratory surgery which revealed I had endometriosis and while it was a mild case it could affect my fertility. As you can imagine sitting in our living room on New Year’s Eve I couldn’t imagine a more impossible scenario than holding a baby that calendar year. Amazingly, the next month I got pregnant with our miracle - Katherine Elizabeth Bayne born November 8, 2015. I am constantly amazed and grateful that I was given the opportunity to carry her and now care for her. I was so grateful when Natalie came to Athens to capture our new little family and document the gift that was given to us!

The Bayne Family"

Blog post by mama Laura Bayne. Shot with Canon 50mm f1.2L and Sigma 35mm f1.4,